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Uncommon Counsel is ready to help your legal team or corporation with any legal need. We specialize in providing project-based, freelance legal services to both in-house legal teams and other law firms.

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Businesses need to have the flexibility to react and adapt to any legal challenge at any given time, especially when so many transactions and interactions occur online. Uncommon Counsel has expertise in quickly-evolving areas of law – most importantly, intellectual property, data privacy, and commercial contracts. 

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We have years of experience providing exceptional legal counsel and personalized service to online businesses.

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Data Privacy

We provide a full range of services to recognize, implement, and react to statutory, procedural, contractual, and practical data privacy responsibilities.

Intellectual Property

We have years of experience in soft IP as it relates to online business. Contact us to get help with your copyright or trademark needs.

Commercial Contracts

This is not a place to take risks. We can help in-house legal teams and law firms close deals and manage the commercial contract negotiation process.


Uncommon Counsel serves not only big business but several specialized industries in the online space.

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We work not only as strategic legal problem solvers, but also as successful dealmakers.


I’m A Millennial Entrepreneur
with Years of Experience.

Hi, I’m Anjali. I have a decade of experience with a highly focused legal background in intellectual property, data privacy, and commercial contracts. My work has involved advising on complex commercial transactions in these areas, including but not limited to drafting, redlining, and negotiating MSAs, Vendor Agreements, DPAs, Ad-Tech Agreements, and more. I’ve also designed, implemented, and overseen comprehensive privacy programs for businesses across multiple industries. I’m licensed in three of the most important states for business – California, New York, and Florida and have both my CIPP/US and CIPP/E data privacy credentials.

I specialize in helping in-house legal teams and other law firms manage their commercial work. Contact me today.

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“We were looking for help in creating contracts around the […] GDPR […] as it relates to providing web-related services to large, international companies. Really impressed with Anjali’s level of knowledge around GDPR as well as her ability to break down the issues in laymen’s terms. She is direct and to the point while being thorough. She was a pleasure to work with.”


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