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Entertainment Law Aspects & Agreements You Should Be Aware of

Many small businesses lack the knowledge, time, or expertise to attend to some important legal aspects of the business planning process. Some legal assurances, such as photography contracts, collaboration agreements, model releases, and venue agreements get put aside and ignored. As a business owner, it is important to have these things drafted and put in writing in order to avoid legal issues, as well as to protect yourself and your business in the future.

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Collaboration Agreement

A collaboration agreement is a contract or legally binding agreement. Collaboration agreements require at least two parties or more to enter into. A collaboration agreement is used to delegate obligations and distribute the benefits on terms negotiated in the agreement, between all the parties involved.

Model Release

A model release is a contract or document that is signed by the person or people being photographed. This document will give the photographer permission to use images taken of the subject during a specific photography session or sessions. This legal document is made between the subject and the photographer, or owner of the photograph. If you are the photographer or have hired a photographer, you are technically the owner of the photograph in this agreement. The subject will give you permission to use the photographs in terms stated on the model release document when signed.

Venue Agreement

A venue agreement is a management contract between your company and the venue you’d be using to complete or hold your projects. A Venue agreement can be many things. Some venue agreements are lease contracts, management contracts, or any other legal agreement between two parties that specifically sets out the regulations, rules, protocols, and specific agreements between a party and the venue owner.

Photography and Media Agreements

A photography or media agreement is a legal document that allows the photographer or other parties to use an image or images on different multimedia platforms.

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