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Tech- & Internet-based Companies

Anjali works primarily with tech- and internet-based companies, or any companies that are looking for an attorney experienced in data privacy and tech transactions. Many businesses, even traditional brick-and-mortar or consumer goods businesses, have introduced a tech element in their model. With this new tech element comes the necessity for executing new tech vendor contracts, SaaS agreements, and MSAs. Often, personal data is flowing within these transactions so a data privacy attorney is needed to help advise and ensure the correct structure for the deal.


Large Corporations

Large corporations with their own internal legal teams often still need help, especially specialized help in the data privacy or commercial transactions space. Anjali has worked with several large, global companies, assisting in overflow support for commercial transactions or advising on data privacy compliance.


Law Firms

Just like large corporations, many law firms in the growth stage need additional help but may not be ready to hire a full-time attorney. In this space, Anjali can assist, acting as a backfill to the attorneys on staff, while bringing specialized experience to hit the ground running.


Animal Nonprofits

A passion project of Anjali’s, she is experienced in assisting animal nonprofits with everything from their day-to-day governance to advisement on public campaigns to counseling on general animal protection issues. She has also assisted in FOIA requests, research to support legislative efforts, and ideation for direct advocacy work.

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