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Cyber law, another term for internet law, includes and implements guidelines from various established domains that precede the internet, like privacy law and contract law.

Uncommon Counsel knows the intricacies of Internet Law, and our virtual team of expert attorneys will help protect you from defamation, domain disputes, and more.

Terms of Use

A user must agree to and follow a term of use agreement in order to utilize a website or service. Terms of use are also terms of service or terms & conditions. User activities, profiles, products, and technology should all be subject to conditions of use.

Acceptable Use Policy

A collection of regulations implemented by the proprietor, inventor, or manager of a computer network website or app is an acceptable use or fair use policy. It limits the use of a network, website, or system and establishes criteria for how people use it.


End-user license agreements (EULAs) are legal contracts between a software developer or vendor and the software user, usually after acquiring the software through a third party such as a retailer.

DMCA’s Safe Harbor

The DMCA’s “safe harbor” provision provides immunity from copyright infringement claims if online service providers (among other things) immediately delete or prevent access to infringing files after copyright holders submit an adequate notification.

Online Defamation

Cyber defamation, also referred to as online slander, is defamation or libel carried out via online technology, most commonly the Internet, rather than a specific criminal violation, misdemeanor, or tort.

Domain Disputes

“Second level” web addresses are at the center of domain name conflicts. In an Internet address, the second-level domain name is direct to the left of the top-level domain name. The second-level domain name in the address “” is Google, for example.

Under the same top-level domain, two identical second-level domain names cannot coexist.

How Can an Internet Lawyer Assist You?

Our cyberspace attorneys at Uncommon Counsel assist with the development and upkeep of websites and online companies.

We help you avoid disputes and defamation, as well as advising you on how to get out of them if you find yourself in one.

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