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Patents, copyright, and trademarks, for example, are legal protections that allow people to profit financially or gain fame from what they develop or manufacture. Learn about the many types of intellectual property and how to prevent being a victim of counterfeiting.


Writers, artists, and inventors are all protected by copyright. Music, literature, films, computer software, poems, and architecture are all covered.

To ensure the protection of your creation, you should file for copyright after designing anything from a skyscraper to a book. It’s in your best interest to contact Uncommon Counsel for knowledgeable guidance on protecting your intellectual property.


Brand names, taglines, and logos used on commodities are all protected by trademarks.

Here are a few common types of trademarks:

  • Design marks, such as logos
  • ¬†Wordmarks, such as simple text names and slogans.
  • Service marks, such as the titles of intangibles like ideas and music.


You claim control of your patent, copyright, or trademark under an intellectual property license agreement. Nevertheless, for a price or commission, you grant third-party access to use one or more of your IP rights for a certain period.

Typically, termination dates and methods come under these intellectual property contracts. The three most prevalent are as follows:

  • Sole License
  • Exclusive License
  • Non-Exclusive License


Counterfeiting and piracy commonly describe acts that violate intellectual property rights, such as acts carried out without the intellectual property right holder (for example, usage, manufacturing, or sale).

What an IP Lawyer Can Do for You

Our intellectual property team at Uncommon Counsel has a thorough awareness of the issues that our clients face, as well as the extensive expertise required to assist them in obtaining and monitoring trademarks and service marks.

The team at our expansive virtual practice assists customers with copyright registration and protection for a wide range of works, including novels, software programs, musicals, artworks, portraits, feature films, and sound recordings. The following are some of the areas we deal with regularly:

  • Copyright Protection Online
  • Registrations
  • Copyright Registration
  • Registration Status Investigations

We have a thorough understanding of intellectual property and its numerous dimensions, and we can help you secure your most important assets.

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