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With the proliferation of the internet and more companies becoming technology-based, the demand for tech lawyers continues to grow.

The area of law which controls the use of technology is known as technology law. Here are a few essential things that our comprehensive virtual service at Uncommon Counsel handles:

SaaS Agreements

The contract terms of a software delivery system are laid forth in a SaaS agreement or software as a service agreement. The model will securely house programs and data, and users will have internet access to the software and data.

A SaaS deal may include extensive service aspects, or it may just provide end-users with access to products able to get licensed in a conventional manner. An attorney who specializes in SaaS and technology licensing can give insight on areas that you may not have considered and defend you and the company’s interests.

Master Services Agreement (MSAs)

A Memorandum of Understanding (MSA) is a contract that outlines the accountabilities of two parties to one another. This thorough contract usually includes precise fees, services, and conditions for each of the partnership’s functional areas.

An MSA lawyer can assist you in sifting through the documents and finding phrases in a statement of work that could be detrimental to you. They may also help you draft stipulations for the papers that will shield your company from future liability.

Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)

A service-level agreement (SLA) specifies the amount of service that a customer expects from a supplier, as well as the metrics used to analyze that benefit, plus all liabilities that you could face if you don’t meet the service criteria that the agreement stipulates.

Companies and outside suppliers chiefly utilize SLAs, but two divisions can also use them within the company. If you need help vetting or creating a Service Level Agreement, contact a knowledgeable attorney to tailor the agreement to your specific needs and interests.

Development Agreements

A documented software development agreement is essential for attaining the product you want when commissioning software. Likewise, if you’re employed to build software, this written contract is vital for being paid, avoiding problems, and resolving any that arise.

A knowledgeable attorney at Uncommon Counsel can assist you in drafting a well-written contract that establishes the parties’ legal responsibilities, rights, and obligations, which can boost anticipation and interaction at the beginning of the partnership.

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