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  • One-Hour Consultation

    Not sure where to start protecting your online business or need a little guidance for your current protections? In our one-hour consultation, we’ll go over what you’re doing right, what could use improving, and everything in between when it comes to the legalities of your awesome business. You can also just check in with me about anything you need regarding your business – this includes asking as many questions as you need about data privacy and security for your users.

  • Commercial Contract Drafting

    Whether you’re looking for an agreement to bring on a new coach or consultant, to buy or sell a business, a SaaS or other service agreement, an employment agreement, or another general commercial agreement for your small business, I can help. I have the experience needed to draft a document that’s absolutely perfect for your needs!

  • Terms & Conditions

    A Terms & Conditions Agreement is vital for your business’s website. These Terms & Conditions will set some guidelines for your website visitors – things like ownership over the intellectual property and content on your side, what things they can’t do with your content, and how they should behave with your site. It also protects you in case of a dispute by setting up the most favorable legal procedure for you. I’ll work with you to ensure your Terms & Conditions has everything you need to protect yourself and your website.

  • Privacy Policies

    Along with a Terms & Conditions Agreement, your website needs to have a Privacy Policy in place. If you collect any information from your users on your website (even things like email addresses for newsletters or other opt-ins), you’ll need a Privacy Policy. This document lets users know exactly what information you collect, how you do it (such as through cookies or a form, etc.) and what you plan to do with it.

  • Intellectual Property Cease & Desist Consultation/Letter/Follow-Up

    Is someone stealing your content? This is the service for you if you think someone may be using your intellectual property – whether it’s a song, a piece of art, a blog post, or any other Internet content – without your permission. The Internet is unfortunately rife with a lot of intellectual property misuse, and with this service, you and I can sit down and talk about how best to fight infringers.

  • Licensing Agreement

    An Intellectual Property License, or IP License, is a document used when you want to “license” your work to someone or you want someone to “license” their work to you. What it means is that you’ll get conditional permission to use a work (or someone will get permission to use your work) as long as certain terms are met. In an IP License.

  • Freelancer Agreement

    A Freelancer Agreement is a must-have for any online freelancer doing business with multiple clients. In this document, you’ll get protected in case anything goes wrong with your client and you’ll be able to describe the type of behavior you expect from your client – things like on-time payment and edits and what happens in case of a dispute. Contact me and we’ll get started working on what you need, together.

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements

    A Non-Disclosure Agreement is the best protection you have when you’re beginning talks with a new client, a new partner, or a business that is interested in your ideas. In a Non-Disclosure Agreement, also called an NDA or Confidentiality Agreement, you’ll establish that the person or business you are talking to can’t take any of your intellectual property or plans or ideas and that if they do.

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