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The industry that you work in is irrelevant to your need for general counsel to be available to you at any time. Put another way, people from across the broad economic spectrum have benefited from hiring uncommon counsel to assist them with their various legal needs as they arise. We don’t always think of people in certain industries needing help, but uncommon counsel can be of benefit to them.

What A General Counsel Lawyer Can Do

There are numerous aspects of routine business that a general counsel lawyer can assist with. A few examples include:

  • Negotiating New Business Contracts
  • Protection Of Your Intellectual Property
  • Protection Of Your Insurance Rights
  • Contract Review
  • Bankruptcy Protection Matters

These are just a handful of the uses that various people across various industries have found to have general counsel on their payroll. There are others who deploy them for other purposes across the business as well. The point is, having a lawyer on hand at all times makes a lot of sense for many businesses.

Quick Reactions To Any Legal Matter

Some of the top companies in the world keep a lot of lawyers on retainer at all times. They know that they need to have the flexibility to react and adapt to any challenges that the world throws at them at any given time. They fully appreciate the fact that there are plenty of people who would be more than happy to sue them at the drop of a hat. Additionally, they know that it is their job to make sure they react to these pressing challenges as rapidly as possible. After all, there is nothing worse than finding yourself caught out and unable to respond. Thus, large companies often have multiple attorneys ready to go to defend them in any scenario.

It is not just large companies that may benefit from the ability to snap to attention when legal matters bare down on them. Companies of any size should at least consider keeping attorneys on retainer who can assist them in these matters.

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