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Did you know that it is possible, and perhaps even prudent, for non-profits to invest their resources in obtaining attorneys? Here at Uncommon Counsel, we understand this principle. We are a virtual law firm that works with our clients to help ensure that all of their legal needs are met. We do this by working hand-in-hand with them at each step of the way to find the precise legal professionals that they require to help make all of their non-profit transactions work exactly as required.

How Non-Profits Benefit From Legal Counsel

Some might scratch their head at the concept of non-profits needing legal counsel for any reason, but the reality is that these firms also need assistance from legal professionals from time to time. We know this because they reach out to us constantly with questions and concerns about their ability to handle certain aspects of their routine work. For example, they often ask our pros to help out with grant writing to make sure it all stacks up as it is supposed to versus their views and expectations of what it can and should be. We are more than happy to look over work like this and make sure it meets the standards that the non-profit has set out for itself.

Another big area of our work with non-profits is in setting up a corporate governance structure that makes it clear and easy to understand how the flow of work moves through this non-profit. We like to help non-profits set up their power structures so that everyone that works at a non-profit is clear about their role and how they fit in at the organization that they have decided to accept a job from. It is a small thing, but those small steps definitely help people best benefit from the work that we do. We hope that all people will carefully consider their role in any organization that they call themselves a member of, and consider hiring legal professionals to help clarify that structure as needed.

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